Visual Art Demo Class


Demo class to evaluate the teaching and learning methodology and will help the participant to draw organic or in organic object from memory or imagination.

After completing the demo session, participant will be able to create the discussed topic from memory, using graphite pencil and eraser.


To explain the visual art teaching methodology, steps involved in the learning process, pencil portrait demonstration and draw organic or inorganic object, using graphite pencil.


Children age 7+, professionals, hobbyist, business executives, housewives and kids age 7+.


Check students’s portfolio, teaching methodology and FAQs at Art Education web page.


  1. Classroom –
    1. Commence i.e. define topic’s objectives: Introduction and identify an organic or inorganic object.
    2. Concepts practice: Analysis, basic shapes, form, light & shadow, value and texture.
    3. Create artwork: Create the identified object, using the concept.
  2. Continue practice at home –
    1. Create again i.e. practice. 
    2. Change i.e. try variations.
    3. Consult i.e. ask for feedback.
    4. Correct i.e. improvise.


Approximately 30 minutes to 45 minutes of classroom time.


1 sessions, at a mutually agreed day and time.

Home Assignments & Doubt Clearing Sessions

The home assignments and the related reference pictures will be shared after each classroom session. Home assignments and self-practice are critical for the success of the course and will tentatively consume triple the classroom time. Prior to next class, the participant will have regular interaction, along with quick doubt clearing sessions. The participant will submit the practice sheets, and the faculty will evaluate the submitted sheets, and suggest the area of improvement to the participant to act upon.


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