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Nexus Elante Mall Visual Art Exhibition

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visual art exhibition at nexus elante mall chandigarh

Nexus Elante Mall ( under its “ArtOfHappiness” initiative has launched art classes in association with Shanky Studio ( Managing and coordinating partners are –

  1. Creative Karma
  2. Social Substance
  3. Sonika Fine-arts Institute

This initiative will perk up the visual art environment in the city beautiful Chandigarh, and will also help the local artists to to share and earn from their skills. 

Visual Art Exhibition

Display and sell your exhibits at affordable cost, create network and strong branding for your business.

Visual Art Classes

Learn visual art fundamentals from experts and create gorgeous paintings for your home and office.

visual art exhibition

Under visual art exhibition initiative, local artists to display and sell their paintings, craft-works, sculptures and photography work at Nexus Elante Mall. By participating in the visual art exhibition, the artists will get the following benefits –


Display your exhibits and get feedback from renowned artists and audience.


Sell your artwork & craft-work and make money from your target audience.


Create a strong branding and increase visibility of your artwork and craft-work.

Create Network

Learn and grow in your field by interacting with renowned artists and potential clients.

Launch Business

Launch your new art and craft related business with a bang and get potential clients.

Spread Happiness

Spread and share the happiness and harmony in the society and make it a better living place.

how to participate in visual art exhibition

Visual Art Exhibition is independently managed and organized by the Creative Karma Group –

  1. Curator Ms. Suruchi Sharma (+91 869 966 0424)
  2. Curators Ms. Sonika Aggarwal (+91 987 838 8666

Download the files –

  1. Nexus Elante Mall Exhibition Latest Entry Form.
  2. Tags for the paintings.

ABOUT Creative Karma Group

Under the CSR initiatives of Shanky Studio, the Creative Karma Dec 2021 visual art exhibition, was the last exhibition, which was curated and hosted by Mr. Surinder Shanker Anand, the owner of Shanky Studio.

From Dec 2021 onwards, the younger participants of the “Creative Karma Group” took over the ownership and responsibility of holding the visual art exhibitions in and around Chandigarh.

Neither Shanky Studio nor its owner shall be held responsible for organizing or managing the aforementioned events. Shanky Studio is facilitating by providing the space and technical know-how, and digital marketing help for the above exhibitions.

visual art exhibition at Nexus Elante Mall chandigarh

In 2023, Nexus Elante Mall (, in association with Shanky Studio (, had launched “ArtOfHappiness” initiative. 

The aim of this initiative was to offer robust support to both amateur and professional artists by providing them with an affordable exhibition display area. The mission is to empower artists by granting them a dedicated platform to showcase and sell their artwork, with the goal of eliminating financial barriers. In doing so, it actively fosters an inclusive space where creativity can thrive, ultimately enabling artists to flourish in their pursuits.

This initiative was organized and facilitated by Creative Karma Group,  Social Substance, and Sonika Art InstituteWe would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Nexus Elante Mall Management for providing exceptional facilities and manpower. The level of service and the dedication of Elante’s staff were truly commendable, making my experience both enjoyable and convenient.

Below are accomplishments of Shanky Studio from Oct 2022 till Oct 2023 –

  1. Back to back, Twelve monthly visual art exhibition at Nexus Elante Mall.
  2. Over 300 artists displayed more than 2,000. artworks.
  3. Sold artworks worth Rs 6  Lakhs.
  4. Received over 950 positive comments, and 5-star ratings from our audience.
  5. Apart from supporting the local Artists, this initiative financially  supported 3 families.
  6. Conducted 24 free visual art classes at Nexus Elante Mall’s learning centre and served over 300 participants.
  7. Supported Mall’s events and donated 45+ paintings to the Khalsa Aid for Punjab Flood Relief events.

Below are the glimps of the Visual Art Gallety at Nexus Elante Mall, Level B2 –

achievements of creative karma group

2014 till 2023 15+ Art Exhibitions 1000+ Participants 15000+ Artworks 25000+ Visitors 1000+ Artworks Sold

From 2015 to 2021, Shanky Studio, under its CSR initiative, has organized 6+ Creative Karma Visual Arts Exhibitions on a no-profit no-loss basis. During this tenure, many amateur and budding artists took part in Creative Karma Visual Art Exhibitions and have gotten an overwhelming response from the audience. For more information, please visit Blogs - exhibition section.

Nexus Elante Mall

Free Visual Art Classes

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