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mapped to your personal requirements least expensive, fits into your budget Professionally executed Delivered on time One-to-One Personalized Services Delivering Quality Services since 2010

Visual Art Education

Visual Art Education for Kids, Youngsters, Aspiring to be an Artists, Tattoo Artists, Architects, Fashion Designers, Multimedia Expert, Graphic Designer and Web Designers

Customized Painting

Beautiful and Perky Hand-made and Digital Prints of Paintings, Wall Art, Wall Painting, Graffiti, Mural for Home and Office, using Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Digital and Mixed Media

Personalized Portrait

Professionally Hand-made Elegant Hyper-realistic Portraits and Caricatures using Graphite, Charcoal, Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic, Digital and Mixed Media

Digital Design

Visual Merchandise, Corporate Collateral, 2D & 3D Modelling, Exterior & Interior Walk-through, Digital Portrait & Caricature, Digital Painting, Digital Illustration, UI / UX Design and Social Media Animated Feeds

Personalized Handicraft

Hand-made, customized, made to order craft items to improve the interior design of home or office, corporate gifts for the employees and customers, gifts for friends and family for any occasion

Craft & Art Event

Onsite Art & Craft Activities and Creative Workshops for various events and celebrations such as Birthday Parties, Kitty Parties, Corporate Team Building Events and Mall Events

shanky studio


Passion in visual arts lead us to start Shanky Studio, offering a wide range of tailor-made visual arts services such as personalized portraits, customized paintings, Digital Design Services and live online and personalized visual art education for kids and adults. 


Shanky Studio is also providing visual art services in USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Australia and India.  Under B2B services, Shanky Studio have also conducted various art and craft sessions for Marvel Worldwide Inc., Mattel Inc. (Barbie), Rovio Entertainment Ltd. (Angry Birds), Hamleys Toy, Hasbro Inc. (My Little Pony), Cartoon Network (Dexter’s Laboratory), Elante Mall, The North Country Mall / VR Punjab and various educational institutes located in and around Chandigarh.


Under CSR initiatives, Shanky Studio is engaged in providing free visual art education, visual art exhibition at no-profit and no-loss basis and free sessions on design career counseling.


A studio is a divine place which can provide conducive environment for creativity to take place. Here one can meditate, plan and work on projects without any interruption. 

From an idea to a concept to the finished piece of an artwork, the Shanky Studio has all the required facilities under one roof. The breadth and depth of available facilities at Shanky Studio rages from traditional tools to latest cutting-edge technology, which helps the participants to create stunning piece of art works in short span of time!  

Let’s take a 360 degree virtual tour of Shanky Studio and experience the environment and facilities. 

Shanky Studio Facilities Well-ventilated Studio Compact 400 square feet area Abundance of natural light Pure white interiors Beautifully Decorated Attached terrace garden Fully Air-conditioned environment Sanitized English style toilet Sanitizer & Soap for hand wash IP Security Cameras Equipped with latest teaching aids LED Projector & White Boards Shape Models & Mannequin Modelling shadow box Cintiq Wacome pen / tablet Laptop, web Camera & mic Easels, Tables and chairs Repository of 100,000+ digital ref pics

shanky studio QUALITY POLICY

"Shanky Studio is committed to satisfy it's clients by providing customized visual arts services such as personalized hand-drawn portrait, customized painting, digital design services and one-to-one and Personalized visual art education services, which are professionally executed and delivered in the defined time frame, using innovative skills, methodologies, latest technology, with a commitment to continually improve the effectiveness of quality management system".

sneak peek od shanky studio

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