Do you know that you are lot more creative than you think? You need a company of an artist to unlock your creativity. Have a date with your inner being and explore dimensionless-dimension, which is beyond unit, time and space – a real and natural meditation! 

Visual art is therapeutic in nature, which sharpens focus, cultivates patience, increases happiness, manages emotions and reduces stress. Come and join fun filled drawing and painting class, and reward yourself with an exciting gift of creativity! 


Drawing from Life & Still Life Portrait & Human Anatomy Sculpture & Craft Work Floral & Landscape Abstract & Mandala Mural & Wall Painting Illustration & Regional Art

These courses are specially designed for kids and youngster aspiring to be an artist, art teacher, architect, fashion designer, graphic designer, multimedia expert,  tattoo artist, web designer or as a hobbyist. 


Portrait from memory and, portrait using a reference picture and advance hyper-realistic portrait course for kids, adults and professionals.


Compact fundamentals course for beginners, and in depth advance fundamental course for intermediate and advance participants.


Painting from reference pictures, using acrylic color, charcoal, glass color, graphite, oil color, soft pastels, watercolor and mixed medium.

Digital Design

3D exterior & interior modelling, animation, VFX, digital portrait, caricature & painting, digital illustration, graphic design course.

Fashion Illustration

Basic fundamentals, basic human anatomy postures and drapery course for fashion design students and boutique workers.

Human Anatomy

From basic to advance human anatomy, including dynamics human anatomy postures for intermediate and professional artists.


Introduction to portrait sculpturing using clay.


Introduction calligraphy course using English and Hindi letters.

Abstract Art Course

Abstract art using alcohol Ink, fluid acrylic and knife painting.

student portfolio


One-To-One Class One Teacher & One Student Online and Offline Classes Flexible Timings For Class Personalized Art Courses Unique Delivery Methodology 70% Faster Learning 99% Success Rate Faculty With 40+ Yrs Of Experience Live Professional Environment Learn To Draw From Imagination

The quality of a product and service is ensured by service design methodology and service delivery methodology. Unlike conventional fine arts institutes, services at Shanky Studio are specifically tailored for individual requirements and delivered on a one-to-one basis i.e. no batches, using unique and proven methodology, which accelerates the learning process to 70% to 80%, reduces the learning curve, and improves the retention, with over 99% success rate! In addition, the following are the advantages and the key differentiators from other run-of-the-mill fine arts institutes and art academies –


One-to-One Engagement

A one-to-one session between faculty and student ensures that the full concentration of either is devoted to each other without the distraction of other students with different levels of abilities. The faculty and the student are pressurized to achieve results because of a greater degree of responsibility and ownership. This entire close coupling ultimately leads a higher rate of success, minimum risks and a quick return on investment.

Personalised Course

Courses are tailor-made using flexible and loosely coupled modules, so that course objectives are attained easily and quickly. As a result, the content can be derived 70% to 80% faster than in a group, with hands on correction and exemplary guidance, with over 99% of success rate. This system reduces the chances of risks that naturally occur within heterogeneous groups in art academies and art institutes, which are offering cheaper solution.

Delivery Methodology

It enables a personalized and flexible delivery methodology to suit the depth of topic and student’s existing abilities. To maximize the learning curve, courses are designed with right combination of structured, semi-structured and un-structured training, with the required depth of knowledge for each topic. It reduces the efforts required to achieving efficacy and a better learning curve, with greater understanding and content retention.

Experienced Faculty

The visual art training is directly imparted by the artist Surinder Shanker Anand, who has over 20 years of teaching experience and trained over 550 students. Since childhood, he was blessed with innate artistic abilities. As a kid, at the age 3, he used to draw on the cement floor using colored medicine tablets and chalks. His artistic expressions are engaged with the subjects related to humans anatomy, nature and spirituality.

Studio Environment

As against the typical classroom of an art institute or an art academy, the class at Shanky Studio is conducted in a studio environment, wherein a student get a chance to see the professional environment, latest tools, technology and in progress projects. Since class timings are mutually decided by both student and faculty, the learning at self-pace is becomes most effective and efficient way of learning topics related with visual arts.

Creative Abilities

In one-to-one teaching, for the faculty, it is easy to harness creative abilities of the participant, which is different from replication (i.e. copy using reference picture) skills ensuring that by being present to guide him, the faculty encourages originality and out of the box thinking. Such one-to-one interactions may also help students explore their hidden skills too. Creative abilities ensures an ultimate freedom from a reference picture.

7C teaching methodology

Invented by Surinder Shanker Anand Makes the Course Modular Accelerates Learning Process Reduces the Learning Curve Improves the Retention Enables the Self Evaluation Enhance the Creative Abilities Ensure 90% success Freedom from Reference Image

Methodology plays a critical role when dealing with the subject related to visual art, especially where participants’ existing skills and abilities are not homogeneous. At Shanky Studio, unlike conventional fine art institutes, visual art courses are tailor-made for an individual participant, and delivered on a one-to-one basis i.e. one teacher per student, using a unique, proven and hybrid 7C methodology, wherein courses are designed and delivered using 4MAT methodology framework, overlapped with SMARTER and Johari Windows frameworks. Our 7C methodology has the following 7 steps –

  1. Classroom –
    1. Commence i.e. define the topic’s objectives.
    2. Concepts practice.
    3. Create artwork.
  2. Continue practice at home –
    1. Create again i.e. practice.
    2. Change i.e. try variations.
    3. Consult i.e. ask for feedback.
    4. Correct i.e. improvise.

What is 4MAT Framework?

The 4MAT learning cycle methodology is a framework for creating a dynamic style of teaching and learning, which is in sync with the human brain. Based upon recent research in the field of neuroscience and cognitive studies, the 4MAT explains how people acquire new information via observation, and then how do they process the newly acquired information in their brain. 

SMARTER stands for what?

To maximize the learning, topics are delivered, with the right combination of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured training, with the required depth of knowledge for a particular topic. Each topic in a module is designed using SMARTER i.e.

  1. S – Specific.
  2. M – Measurable.
  3. A – Attainable.
  4. R – Relevant.
  5. T – Time-bound.
  6. E – Evaluate.
  7. R – Re-adjust.

what is Johari Windows?

An interaction with an artist expands the participant’s “Open Area” per Johari windows, which enhances the participant’s knowledge, skills, and experience related to the art domain. These interactions are of the following 3 types –

  1. Tell: An artist can disclose and demonstrate his techniques to the participant.
  2. Shared discovery: Participants and artists can work together to explore participants’ hidden skills.
  3. Ask: Participants can take feedback about their artwork and thereby improve upon it.

course design and delivery methodology AT shanky studio

Shanky Studio Visual Art Teaching Learning Methodology



20 Years of Teaching Experience Subject Matter Expert in Visual Art Unique Course Design Methodology Effective Delivery Methodology

“Art is more of a happening, a meditation, where subject and object merge into each other, and one transcends the concept of time, space and unit. It’s amazing that this phenomenon takes place when the entity “i” is not present at all. Anyway, though I enjoy this creative happening, the manifestation may be enjoyed by others. During this journey of Visual Art, I have received innumerable awards, accolades and blessings”.


We neither negotiate on price nor offer any unscheduled discount to our clients. The prices are fixed, as published on this website. We don’t compromise on the quality of content and delivery methodology i.e. one-to-one and personalized services, which offers you the best value for your money.

If  more than one participant in joining the same class, the cumulative fee will be reduced by 20%.


However, more than 1 participant in a class may create a heterogeneous environment, and thus impact the quality of delivery and hit the time lines adversely.

100% fee to be paid in advance. We don’t offer installments or staggered payment facility. Fee is non-refundable.

Early morning from 7 am to 8:30 am IST and 7:30 pm to 9 pm IST slots are reserved for USA classes. 

It is suggested to first join the paid demo class, which is listed in Shop section. Depending upon your comfort level, you may continue further with other courses. Alternatively, you may join our free art sessions, which are declared at Events section of this website, from time to time.

There are various options -

  1. Cash.
  2. Checks.
  3. Debit cards.
  4. Credit cards.
  5. Mobile payments.
  6. Electronic bank transfers.

Based upon your request, we will share my swift / wire bank details with you, so that the payment can be transferred to the designated account. You may buy our courses at our web page Shop.


The class will start once we receive 100% payment in our account.


GST will be extra as per actuals.

Participants are required to arrange their own art supplies and laptop with the required software, for visual art courses and digital courses respectively.


For art supplies do check our blog What All Art Supplies Do I Need?, wherein we have listed various art supplies.


If you live in Tricity i.e. Chandigarh, Mohali or
Panchkula, you can find art suppliers in our blog Where Can I Get Professional Visual Art Supplies In Chandigarh?

No previous experience in art is required. In these classes, you are not competing with anyone. You are exploring your latent creative ability. The only prerequisite is that you should have –
  1. A keen interest in visual art.
  2. Sufficient time to practice the home assignments.
  3. Sitting capacity.
  4. Observation.

In order to meet the learning objectives, we keep on investing time & money in the course design and delivery methodologies. Our courses are tailor-made for an individual, and course content are delivered on one-to-one basis, which make learning fast up to 80%, with 99% success rate. We don't deliver the course in the batches, which reduces the effectiveness and speed of the course.

Answer is Yes. Some people do have innate abilities, and thus can naturally perform better than others in a particular subject. They have intense interest in the subject, and progressively improve their skills with uninterrupted practice. But talent can be also be learnt and developed by those considered untalented. They can also achieve similar results with regular practice. The fact is that people are often more creative than they think. It’s said if you can write, you can draw as well. Everyone can learn to draw and paint, and they do it extremely well. Spending time with an artist can help you to unlock your artistic abilities and the required skills to accomplish an artwork. You can learn to draw by drawing, which can be achieved by experimenting with art material.

To develop creative abilities and learn artistic skills by exposing the participants through various processes (ideation to visualization and manifestation), medium (pen, graphite pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastels, mix-media and digital), materials, methods / techniques, tools and technologies, using unique teaching methodology, which covers various subjects such as portrait, human anatomy, landscape, drawing from still life, abstract art, sculpturing, craft work, digital art etc. For more details please check the description section Visual Fine Arts Modules. Final artwork created by you will be the perfect wall decor for your home! For complete details, visit the link "Fundamentals of Visual Art"


At Shanky Studio, the focus is to enhance the creative abilities i.e. from ideation to 3D visualization from memory and imagination, which are different from artistic skill. Creative abilities gives ultimate freedom to the artist, as participants can draw from their memory, without using any reference picture, which is the ultimate freedom for an artist!


In contrast, an artistic skill is mere a replication skills using a particular medium.

Our visual art education services are specifically tailored for an individual requirements and delivered on one-to-one basis, using unique and proven methodology, which accelerates learning process to 70% to 80% faster, reduces the learning curve, decreases the time-lines and improves the retention, with over 99% success rate!

For example, most of the students are able to draw reasonably good portrait with in about 4 to 8 hours. Rest depends upon participant’s interest and practice.
Graphite pencil, charcoal pencil, colored pencil, soft pastels, oil pastels, crayons acrylic, fabric color, water color, oil colors, glass colors, digital art and mixed media.
Visual art helps a participant to learn various skills and abilities such as appreciation, cognitive abilities, concentration, creative expression, critical thinking, decision making, dedication, fine motor abilities, acute observation, goal setting and achieving, imagination, intelligent actions, organizing capabilities, out of box thinking, patience, perfection, perseverance, quality, right brain stimulation, self confidence, sensitivity, meditattive and therapeutic.
Most of the classes are delivered one-to-one basis, with live face-to-face interaction -
  1. Online using skype or zoom etc.
  2. Offline in the studio.
  3. Hybrid, which is the combination of both online and offline.
  4. One to many for visual art workshops.
  5. Recorded session.
We use Skype or Zoom, with offline communication through WhatsApp, Telegram and an email system.

Answer is big YES. How about a salary package of Rs 72 Lacs per Annum? For more information check out blog Career in Visual Art.

We do create high quality unique portfolios for international students who wants to peruse NID (National Institute of Design) & NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Design) and other Design Schools. Objective of course is to prepare the students for situation test / studio test for NID, NIFT and other Art Colleges.
The course is meant for beginners and intermediate level participants, such as – kids (age 7 years and onward) and adult participants perusing visual art as a hobby, students aspiring to take admission in NID (National Institute of Design) and NIFT (National Institute for Fashion Technologies), students who want to pursue design courses in foreign universities, artists who want to create professional level visual art portfolio, Art teachers and freelance artists to acquire advance skills, multimedia animation experts, graphic designers, web designers and tattoo artists.

Mutually suitable and agreed time-slot, which is usually between 7 AM to 6 PM Indian Standard Time.


Early and late slots are specifically meant for participants from USA, UK and Canada. 

Subject will be taught in English or Hindi or Punjabi languages. Practice worksheets and written communication, if any, will be in English only.

Yes, special one-to-one training on select topics available on request. We can create tailor-made course for you, which will save your time as well as money.

The home assignments and the related reference pictures will be shared after each classroom session. Home assignments and self-practice are critical for the success of the course and will tentatively consume triple the classroom time. Prior to next class, the participant will have regular interaction, along with quick doubt clearing sessions. The participant will submit the practice sheets, and the faculty will evaluate the submitted sheets, and suggest the area of improvement to the participant to act upon.
Yes, Professional Visual Art Course is good starting course for tattoo artists. It covers various styles of tattoos such as abstract, bio mechanical, black & grey, colored, custom, graffiti, illustrative, lettering, neo-traditional, new school, portraits, protective totems, realistic, regional, religious, sketch and tribal symbols etc.

Before you invest your time and money on art education, please check our blog How To Select Right Art Academy?, wherein we have mentioned various parameters to evaluate an art academy.

Shanky Studio has been rated 4.9 / 5 on all parameters mentioned in the blogs, except "Is The Academy Registered Or Accredited With Universities?".

Shanky Studio and it's courses are neither registered nor accredited with Govt Organization or any National or International University. However, we do strive to deliver excellence in visual art education and related activities.

Before you make payment, you must read Shanky Studio's Policy at Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms & Conditions.

Visual Art Courses for Adults & Kids

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