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Under CSR initiative, Shanky Studio organizes Creative Karma Visual Arts Exhibition at no-profit no-loss basis. Since 2015, Creative Karma Visual Art Exhibition have got an overwhelming response from participants and audience as well. We welcome artists, armature and budding artists to take part in this event and get the following benefits –


Display your exhibits and get feedback from renowned artists and audience.


Sell your artwork & craft-work and make money from your target audience.


Create a strong branding and increase visibility of your artwork and craft-work.

Create Network

Learn and grow in your field by interacting with renowned artists and potential clients.

Launch Business

Launch your new art and craft related business with a bang and get potential clients.

Spread Happiness

Spread and share the happiness and harmony in the society and make it a better living place.




Interested participants can submit the details in the form, which is given below. Based upon the submitted artworks, Creative Karma selection committee will shortlist the participants. Keeping in the view the limited number of seats (~40 to 45 Nos.), the walls will be allocated on a first-cum-first basis. Selected participants will get a confirmation mail.



Selected participants must submit a non-refundable fee. Apart from the selected artists, 5 to 7 guest artists, and other artists who are not be able to afford the fee, will be accommodated from the amount collected from the selected artists.



Creative Karma team will finalize digital invites for social media, print brochures for guest / participants, press release and labels for exhibits.



It is expected that participants will circulate the digital invite in the Whats’ App groups and on their social media. To make the exhibition successful and increase the footfall, each participant will ensure that at least 30+ visitors should visit the exhibition.



Participants are responsible to submit their paintings one day prior to exhibition, between 7 am to 9 am, at the venue, along with layout scheme. Creative Karma team will install the exhibits in the exhibition hall. Wall, location and arrangement of exhibits will be decided by the Creative Karma team.



Through out the exhibition, participants should be present at the venue, so that visitors can interact with you and may also negotiate price for your exhibits.



Decommission and handing over the exhibits to the participants. It’s participant’s responsibility to collect the paintings from the venue. Photographs, videos and press coverage will be posted on the shared drive. Statement of account will be declared and accounts will be settled.



"Bravo to such a fine collection of work. Creative Karma, organized by Shanky Studio, is doing a great job at polishing these artists, giving all a fantastic platform to showcase their talent. A special and humble thank you for presenting a portrait of me! Mohit has done some really nice work! Keep it up! Grateful to Mr Surinder Shanker Anand. We deeply appreciate the association. It is a wonderful exhibition!"
Isha Kakaria
Chandigarh, India
"मैं सुनील आप सबका तहे दिल से शुक्रिया करता हूं | कि मुझे आप सब ने ढेर सारा प्यार दिया | स्पेशल थैंक्स करता हूं शंकर सर एंड सोनिका मैम का उन्होंने मुझे आप सबके बीच बुलाया एंड क्रिएटिव कर्मा का हिस्सा बनाया ताकि मैं अपने हुनर को आप लोगों तक पहुंच सकूं| मैंने क्रिएटिव कर्मा एग्जीबिशन में बहुत कुछ सीखा एंड बहुत सारे टैलेंटेड आर्टिस्ट्स से मिला| मैं सब धन्यवाद करता हूं|"
Chandigarh, India
"Thanks a lot, Shanker Sir! It was a great learning experience. It was my first one and I had a blast! Made new friends, appreciated their art-n-craft and enjoyed myself to the fullest!"
Dr. Mini Malhotra
Chandigarh, India
"I really appreciate the hard work you all put in to make the exhibition a success. Hope I get another chance to participate in more shows in the future."
Navjyot Kaur
Chandigarh, India
"Unbelievable, awesome & keep up the good work!"
Manu Jatana
Panchkula, India
"A lovely, inviting and vibrant exhibition. Dil bot khush hua 🙂"
Supreet Dhiman
Mohali, Chandigarh
"A great experience to see the creativity at its best. Congratulation and best wishes to all young budding and professional artists."
Rajnish Malhotra
Chandigarh, India
"Thank you for the fantastic experience… a well organised, warm and interactive exhibition. Loved meeting so many talented people!"
Reena Chopra
Ambala, India
"Thank you, Shanker Sir for providing such a wonderful platform for artistes not only to showcase their work but also be able to freely intermingle with each other. The atmosphere you provided was unparallel. What a wonderful experience this exhibition has been. Thank you enormously!"
Moinaa Singh
Chandigarh, India
"एक ऐसा प्लेटफॉर्म यहां पर अनुभवी कलाकार और प्रशिक्षु कलाकार साथ साथ काम करते हैं व सभी को अपनी कला प्रदर्शित करने का समान अवसर मिलता है, शंकर जी व उनके साथी कलाकार अपनी कला साधना के साथ साथ ही प्रशिक्षु कलाकारों को प्रोत्साहित करते हुए आगे बढ़ने का बहुत ही अच्छा मौका देते हैं जोकि वाकई बहुत सराहनीय कार्य है ! मेरी शुभकामनाएं शैंकी स्टूडियो के साथ है ! अति उत्कृष्ट कला का प्रदर्शन ! सभी बधाई के पात्र ! हार्दिक शुभ कामनायें !"
Tirlok Thukral
Panchkula, India
"It is indeed a different world, especially when it is introduced by small children. A real good initiative on the part of the teacher i.e. Surinder Shanker Anand and children. Many more to go! Excellent paintings!"
Dr Richa
Chandigarh, India
"Really delighted to see the great works done by young and budding artists nurtured by Shanky Studio. What an amazing talent each one of them have in their own works. Wish them a great success in all their future ventures!"
Brig. G.S. Gosal
Chandigarh, India
"Great work done by children of Shanky Studio. Very inspiring and excellent display. Keep it up! Looking more in near future under a creative supervision of Surinder Shanker Anand 🙂"
Shalini Bhatnagar
Chandigarh, India
"Fabulous artwork by very talented young children of Shanky Studio! It gives me immense joy to see, encourage and facilitate them. Best wishes and good luck!!"
Simran Gosal Bhullar
Chandigarh, India
"It’s amazing! Brilliant work of art. At such a young age the kids are so innovative!! Excellent!!!"
Chandigarh, India
"A commendable art works by young budding artists! A very inspiring and encouraging effort!! Awestruck!!!"
Meenu Mohindra
Chandigarh, India
"It was really peaceful and delightful experience for me to watch these wonderful pieces of art. All these paintings depict the unmatched talents of the artists! Wishing good luck to all artists!!"
Monica Soni
Chandigarh, India
"Amazing talent!!! Hats off to the Artist Surinder Shanker Anand, who has helped the kids emerge as great artists."
Chandigarh, India
"Great efforts done by all students who are guided by great teacher Mr Surinder Shanker Anand. Great efforts Sir. Keep it up!"
Maya Anand
Chandigarh, India
"Wonderful exhibition! It is so heartening to see motivated artists!!"
Jai Brar
Chandigarh, India
"Absolutely amazing exhibition. Wonderful job by all artists. Special love for Sunil, the Sikh boy Harkawal and special kid Nikita. Kudos Mr Shanker!!!"
Viaks Arora
Chandigarh, India
"Elite exhibit of paintings by professional and amateur artist. All of you, please keep on spreading art!"
Charanjeev Singh Nanda
Chandigarh, India
"Amazing artist and amazing work! Always very inspiring and just love each and every art work and creation by Mr. Shanker! He is the BEST artist, teacher and person I know."
Garima Narray
"Working with Shanky Studio was a great experience. Excellent effort put in Creative karma 2018. I would like to work in future also with them and want to learn much more from these people."
Shilpy Saxena


Interested artists should fill up the form and provide mandatory information, which is required for shortlisting. For selected candidates the submitted information will be published in the invites and printed brochures. 

Also artist should submit his/her high resolution smiling picture (focus on face) along with high resolution picture of their exhibits at [email protected] Please do mention your name and phone in the mail.

I have read, understood and agree to the terms & conditions mentioned at Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions.


Your artwork is your property and you are responsible for the safety of your artwork. We will make every possible effort to take care of the safety of the exhibits during the display of the exhibits but we are not be responsible for any loss or damage during display, transit or storage, no claim to this effect will be entertained. The artists are at their liberty to take an insurance coverage at their own cost, if so desired.

Yes, it is no-profit no-loss initiative. On the concluding day, we will declare receipt and expenses. Balance, if any, will be refunded to the contributing participants.

Actual fee will depends upon number of participants and expenses involved. If the expenses are already inured, then the fee is non-refundable. Tentative fee is –

  1. 32 feet wide x 8 feet height = Rs 12000/-
  2. 16 feet wide x 8 feet wall height = Rs 6000/- 
  3. 8 feet wide x 8 feet wall height = Rs 3000/-

Roughly Rs 1,25,000/- and breakup is given below –

  1. Rent for the exhibition hall for 3 days = Rs 15,000/-.
  2. Design, printed invites, press kit, brochures, certificate and posters etc. = Rs 25,000/-.
  3. Memento gift = Rs 25,000/-.
  4. Misc expenses such as eatables, decoration, helper boys etc. = Rs 15,000/-.
  5. Lunch for 80 people for 2 days = Rs 35,000/-.
  6. Contingency = Rs 10,000/-.
4O to 45 participants are expected to take part in this exhibition.

Please refer to time line section. 

We prefer, senior participants who has already taken part in this Creative Karma Exhibition, and is local to Chandigarh. Participants can nominate themselves to play Coordinator role. In order to manage this event, we need two coordinators to manage communication, accounts, printing and installation of exhibits.

For installation, your artwork should be properly framed and have hooks on the either sides, so that it can be hanged using a thread. Ensure that these hooks are fixed on the top and back of the frame; and not in the middle. If the hooks are fixed in the middle of the painting, then the picture will tilt forward, which is not desirable.


Provided labels for each artwork will be provided, which is to be filled up manually by the artist. Art label will have space for Name of the Artist, Artwork Title, Artwork Description, Size in Centimetres including frame, Medium and Price.


While transporting paintings should properly wrapped in Newspaper or bed sheets, and submitted at the designated venue and date.

Artworks can be displayed in multiple rows and columns. For the best experience, the artwork should be aesthetically arranged, at an eye sight level, which is approximately 4 feet in height. 

For audience, there is not entry ticket for this event.

Yes, we will issue participation certificates. 

Yes, you can distribute your visiting cards to the audience.

Yes, you can sell your artwork.
We suggest you keep a tab on this web page. Apart from this page, we also have Creative Karma Whats App group. On request, the link for Whats App group can be shared with you.

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