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Visual Artist Surinder Shanker Anand

"Our mission is to raise the awareness about visual art, which helps the participants to channelize their energy in a constructive way and enhance the aesthetic experience of the participants and audience."



I am Surinder Shanker Anand and I live in Chandigarh – the City Beautiful, situated in Northern India at Shivalik foothills. Since childhood, I was blessed with innate artistic abilities. As a kid, at the age 3, I used to draw on the cement floor using colored medicine tablets and chalks. My school copies and books in the school, were always filled with pencil and pen sketches. Some of my childhood paintings was preserved by my Mom, which is part of my portfolio. 


Art is more of a happening, a meditation, where subject and object merge into each other, and one transcends the concept of time, space and unit. It’s amazing that this phenomenon takes place when the entity “i” is not present at all. Anyway, though I enjoy this creative happening, the manifestation may be enjoyed by others. During this journey, I have received innumerable awards, accolades and blessings.


My artistic expressions are engaged with the subjects related to humans portrait and body dynamics, nature and spirituality. I like to sketch using pencil, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, pastel, oil and digital tool such as Wacom Cintiq Pen/Tablet, CorelPainter, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Adobe Premier, 3D Max and ZBrush etc. to create digital artwork.


Passion in visual arts lead me to start Shanky Studio, offering a wide range visual arts services such as personalized portraits, customized paintings, digital design and one-to-one visual arts classes, both face-to-face classes and online visual art classes. 

I have conducted visual arts & craft workshops for Elante Mall and The North Country Mall / VR Punjab and various schools in and around Chandigarh. Some of the activities were directly conducted by me for Marvel Worldwide Inc., Mattel Inc. (Barbie), Rovio Entertainment Ltd. (Angry Birds), Hamleys Toy, Hasbro Inc. (My Little Pony) and Cartoon Network (Dexter’s Laboratory).

Shanky Studio is also engaged in various CSR activities such as  free visual art class, visual art exhibition at no-profit and no-loss basis and free sessions design career counseling. Let’s take a 360 degree virtual tour of Shanky Studio and experience the environment and facilities.


I am software professional, having over 35 years of experience in the IT, primarily in Analysis/Design, Software Development, Delivery, Project Management and rest of the phases of SDLC. I have worked at on-site with American Express (TX, USA), Nekema Inc (NJ, USA), Premier Inc (NC, USA), Syntel Inc (MI, USA), Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd (Mohali, India) and Semiconductor Complex Ltd (Mohali, India); and managed various on-site/off-shore Global IT projects. I am Masters in Economics from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India, with Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. For more details please visit www.eSolutionSpace.com


Apart from my profession and visual art, I have a keen interest in swimming, astrology, photography, ancient scriptures and spirituality. I have also authored a book on Patanjal Yoga.

Hope you will enjoy my creations posted on this website. You have a great time!

artist surinder shanker anand


Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

Subject of Visual Art

Abstract 90%
Human Anatomy 90%
Illustration 85%
Landscape 85%
Portrait 95%
Sculpture 85%
Still Life 95%
Drawing From Life 85%

Medium of Visual Art

Acrylic 95%
Clay 85%
Colored Pencils 95%
Digital 95%
Graphite & Charcoal 95%
Oil 90%
Soft Pastel 90%
Watercolor 90%

Digital Design

3Ds Max 85%
After Effects VFX 85%
CorelDraw 95%
Photoshop 90%
Premier 95%
Zbrush 85%

Teaching Visual Art

Subject Mater Expert 95%
Content Development 95%
Technical Knowledge 95%
Content Delivery 95%
Success Rate 99%
Client Rating 99%


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