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Science Of Visual Art
Practice Guide To Sketching, Drawing, And Painting

For Hobbists For Art Students For Beginners For Intermediate For Art Teachers Fundamentals Mediums DIY Practice Sheet

Science of Visual Art book is and will be freely available on digital platforms and in the public domain for personal use. Please click the avove button or scroll down to view the complete book.  

We are currently in the process of updating and preparing to release the next version of this book. We keep on releasing the new version of the book on weekly basis. Road map for the next version –

  1. Make book available for free on digital platforms.
  2. Enable PDF and eBook downloads, once it is complete.
  3. Add over 1000 illustrations, reference pictures, and DIY practice sheets.
  4. Consistently extend its scope to embrace various topics. 
  5. Expand this book from 500 pages to a total of 2,500+ pages.
  6. Print version releasing in expected by February 2024. 

This all-encompassing book is meticulously crafted for individuals embarking on a journey to master the art of sketching, drawing and painting, using various mediums. It adeptly addresses the needs of intermediate artists dedicated to fortifying their foundational skills. From avid hobbyists and devoted visual fine art instructors to aspiring fine arts students and accomplished artists, this book seamlessly caters to a wide spectrum of enthusiasts. With content thoughtfully curated to enhance comprehension of artistic fundamentals and techniques, including practical practice sheets and templates, it stands as an essential and invaluable asset for those who harbor a deep passion for the realm of art.

If you appreciate the content and wish to provide proper attribution, you may credit it to – Surinder Shanker

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Practice Sheets

An extensive array of practice sheets and templates is provided, meticulously crafted in accordance with the methodology.

Refernce Images

Numerous reference images are available to facilitate a deep understanding of the underlying concepts.


Content designed to cater to a wide audience, including hobbyists, beginners, intermediates, art teachers, and visual art students.

Free Book

This is a 100% freely available book in the public domain, and you are welcome to distribute, copy and modify its content.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content that evolves as the book is updated with fresh material, practice sheets, and reference images on a monthly basis.


The book is a collaborative initiative and serves as a shared repository for contributions from a diverse group of artists and art teachers.

Advance Topics

Including topics like digital software tools, teaching methodologies, and insights into the commercial viability of art for artists.

Road Map

In the future, the book will persistently broaden its scope to encompass rare and less readily accessible topics.

Art Teachers

The book provides art teachers with valuable resources like teaching methodologies and practice sheets for designing effective courses.

FREE Reference Pictures

Reference Picture Library For the Artists Let's Learn & Grow

Knowledge knows no boundaries and learning is a continuous process. We all learn from observing the paintings made by great artists. Let’s learn-n-share art and spread happiness!

The reference drawings, paintings, and pictures are categorized and sub-categories in the following sections –  

  • Fundamentals: Art Supplies, Shapes & Forms, Objects, Pattern, Design, Perspective, Color
  • Nature: Flowers, Birds, Animals
  • Fashion Illustrations : Croquis, Drapery, Fashion Illustration
  • Human Face: Skull, Face Muscle, Hair, Eye, Ear, Nose, Lips, Face Proportion, Face, Side Pose, Neck, Expressions, Caricature, Portrait
  • Human Anatomy: Skelton, Muscle, Proportion, Torso, Torso Reference, Arm, Hand, Legs, Feet, Body, Body in Perspective, Body Reference Pics, Body Dynamics, People. Some part of this section is work in progress.
  •  Medium: Sketch, Watercolor, Oil & Acrylic, Digital Art, Reference Pictures
  •  Other: Kids, Craft & 3D, Calligraphy, Projects

Following reference drawings, paintings, and pictures belong to various eminent artists and photographers. No ©copyright infringement is intended. We will be more than happy to mention the artist’s name on this page and give the due credits to the artist. 

This website page includes a diverse collection of art reference materials, including detailed human anatomy images intended for educational and artistic purposes. Please be aware that some of these images depict the human form in a manner that may be considered explicit. Access to these materials is restricted to individuals who are at least 18 years of age. By proceeding, you affirm that you meet this age requirement and that you are accessing these resources for legitimate artistic or educational pursuits.

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