Reference Pictures

Reference Picture Library For the Artists Let's Learn & Grow

Knowledge knows no boundaries and learning is a continuous process. We all learn from observing the paintings made by great artists. Let’s learn-n-share art and spread happiness!

The reference drawings, paintings, and pictures are categorized and sub-categories in the following sections –  

  • Fundamentals: Art Supplies, Shapes & Forms, Objects, Pattern, Design, Perspective, Color
  • Nature: Flowers, Birds, Animals
  • Fashion Illustrations : Croquis, Drapery, Fashion Illustration
  • Human Face: Skull, Face Muscle, Hair, Eye, Ear, Nose, Lips, Face Proportion, Face, Side Pose, Neck, Expressions, Caricature, Portrait
  • Human Anatomy: Skelton, Muscle, Proportion, Torso, Torso Reference, Arm, Hand, Legs, Feet, Body, Body in Perspective, Body Reference Pics, Body Dynamics, People. Some part of this section is work in progress.
  •  Medium: Sketch, Watercolor, Oil & Acrylic, Digital Art, Reference Pictures
  •  Other: Kids, Craft & 3D, Calligraphy, Projects

Note: Following reference drawings, paintings, and pictures belong to various eminent artists and photographers. No ©copyright infringement is intended. We will be more than happy to mention the artist’s name on this page and give the due credits to the artist. 

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