Patanjal Yog

The book Patanja Yoga (Ashtang Yoga), ISBN 9788175257245, cover all the 196 Sutras of Patanjal Yoga, which is considered to be the most authentic ancient scripture on Yoga and Meditation, which is specifically designed for beginners and advance seekers.


Many authoritative commentaries on Maharshi Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra are available in the market. But it has been observed that the available literature is either too complex or too bulky to generate the interest. Further, most of the literature also appears to have been explained with a conditioned mind set. Hence the inspiration to compose the present book.


This book has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of both the beginners and the advanced seekers. Its compactness will be of special interest to busy people for whom time is a major constraint. This book is not meant for casual readers; and people who are not comfortable with Hindi. Also since the objective was to have a compact book, the detailed description is beyond the scope of this book.


  1. In this unique effort, the translation of the Yoga Sutra has been done with an unbiased and pure mind. The translation is very simple and uses minimum words, without losing the essence. The result is a very compact yet a complete book.
  2. As depicted in the picture, each word of the Sutras has been translated in such a way that the translation read from top to bottom makes a complete sentence. After each Sutra, a link (Sangati) has been provided, which not only links it with the previous Sutra, but also sheds light on the subject matter of the succeeding Sutra.
  3. Maharshi Kapil’s Tattavsamas is the core of the Patanjal Yoga and normally not found in most of the commentaries. But this book covers this very important part of Sankhya Darshan.
  4. At the end of the book, running list of Sutras has been printed in bigger fonts for the ease of recitation. In addition, a cross-section of relevant information from various perspectives has been compiled in the shape of tables. Diagram displaying the Sankhya hierarchy, at a glance, has also been given in the annexure. Also various foot notes have been provided, giving additional information on the relevant subject matter.
  5. The book is likely to be used repeatedly by the seekers. Hence to increase its life, excellent quality of material has been used. Lots of white marginal space on each page is available for comfortable reading and making personal notes.


The composer of this book, Surinder Shanker Anand, has had keen interest in Adhyatam and was fortunate to have been blessed by Gurus and many other learned people. Under their expert guidance, he had deep insight and experiences in Adhyatam. All this has flowered in the shape of this book.


The basic motive behind this effort is to spread the teachings of Maharshi Patanjali amongst the true seekers. But at the same time, it was the fervent desire of the author to help needy and poor students in their education. Therefore, all the profit earned from the sale of this book will be utilized for this noble cause.

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