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How An Artist’s Brain Works Different?

Let’s try to understand the artist’s mind, which is quite different a normal mind – 

Visual Perceptual Observation

Visual Perceptual Observation: Vision received the ~15 types of sensory input, which is collected in the brain and influenced by existing knowledge database i.e. concept, expectations and attention. Mind of a visual artist has a special ability to perceive objects differently using acute visual awareness, which includes dimensions of space, colour, shade and textures etc., unseen by normal people.


Thereafter artistic mind manipulates the above “Visual Perceptual Observation” with an aesthetic sense, and generates a modified qualitative artistic response, which satisfy most of Principles of Design.

Creative Transformation

Then the artistic mind, using “Element of Art”, improvises and refines the above “Meta-Perception”, which results in a unique creation with personalized style. This improvisation process evolves the artwork from abstract to detailed using Artistic process methodology.

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