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How Do I Setup My Art Studio?

Setting up an art studio in your home gives you inspiration and space to your creativity.


Dedicate a room or a corner of the room, and convert it into your personal art studio.

Drawing Board

Drawing board provides smooth, flat surface needed for sketching and painting. In order to protect the soft surface of the drawing board, tape a permanent base paper on the drawing board, which is known as backing sheet. Drawing sheet for art work is fixed on the drawing board either using clamps, masking tape or drawing pins.


Drawing board can either be mounted on easel or on an adjustable table with variable height and angle. Ergonomic chair with pneumatic height control, with back shells, with footrest and wheel casters is best of long sitting sessions. Designate a side table to keep currently used art material on the side of your working hand.

Power Outlet

Table should be kept near the power outlets, so that electrical devices such as table lamp, computer, music system, hair dryer and other accessories can get the power. You can also use an extension cord, which has multiple power outlets.


Art supplies can be categorized, stored and managed in boxes, and boxes racks can be stored in the racks.

Computer / Tablet

For reference, you can use large monitor, connected to your computer or laptop, which can be kept at an eye level and on the opposite side of the working hand. Computer allows you to flip through the multiple reference photos, with zoom in facility to check the minor details.


White colour on the walls should be preferred as they reflect the light and allows colour to have its natural tint and hue. Studio should have plenty of natural light to illuminate everything evenly. Other way to regulate the amount of light with three to four 125 watts full-spectrum LED bulbs, which can be positioned at various angles on your working desk. Main source of light should opposite to the working hand, so that no shadow is encountered during the art process. Swirl arm and adjustable table lamp is best to focus light on the working table.


If studio practice involves the use of toxic chemicals, choose a space that has plenty of ventilation. Alternatively, obtain an exhaust fan to blow out the toxic smell, fumes and gases.


Studio should have easy access to a water source and with a sink, which is required for cleaning the watercolor brushes, color palette and cleaning hands etc.


Pep up studio’s environment with background music, incense and inspiring artworks.

Art Supplies

Depending upon your medium, you will need to select art supplies.

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