Professional Visual Art Course (Monthly Subscription)

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An Introduction

Mastering the fundamentals of visual art is essential, regardless of your drawing style, preferred medium, or age – be it kids, youngsters, or adults.

At Shanky Studio, we concentrate on enhancing your sketching, drawing, and painting skills across various mediums and subjects, placing special emphasis on creativity, including drawing from memory.

Our course is tailored to assist you in developing a diverse portfolio that showcases both your technical and creative abilities, offering a competitive edge in employment or academic pursuits. All classes are conducted on a one-to-one basis, ensuring personalized instruction without the presence of groups or batches in the classroom.

Before making a decision or contacting us, we strongly encourage you to thoroughly review the detailed information on this page about scope of the course, time-lines, faculty, methodology, and pricing. This will ensure you are well-informed and can make a satisfactory decision. Once you have thoroughly absorbed the information on this page, we will be delighted to assist you with any further queries you may have.

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A. The objective

Our flagship and most popular Professional Visual Art Course exposes participants to a diverse range of processes, both dry and wet color mediums, materials, techniques, tools, and technologies. This comprehensive coverage spans various subjects, aiding participants in their creative abilities i.e. drawing from memory and imagination without using any reference picture, and artistic skills i.e. replication skills using reference pictures and mediums.

B. Target Audience

Our course is ideal for a diverse range of participants, including children aged 10 and above, hobbyists, adults, amateurs, visual art teachers, and intermediate professionals. It’s also suited for those aspiring to build a career in design and visual arts, aiming for institutions like the National Institute of Design (NID), the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), architecture, and related fields.

C. Prerequisites For The Participant

Prospective participants should have a genuine interest in art and enough time for practicing assignments at home. They should be able to focus for extended periods, show patience, diligently follow the instructor’s methodology, and avoid jumping ahead to advanced topics prematurely. Embracing a step-by-step approach and actively seeking guidance are crucial for systematic learning. This course is intended for those who meet these criteria and can commit the necessary time for home assignments. It is tailored for dedicated learners and may not suit those looking for a casual learning experience.

D. Scope

  1. Basic Topics:
    1. Fundamentals of visual art: It covers essential building blocks such as Measurement, Composition, Elements, Mediums, Principle of Design, and Methodology, which will help a participant to sketch, draw, and paint objects from still life and nature, from memory and reference pictures.
    2. Introduction to basic human anatomy: Male and female face, fasion croquis which includes front & back of torso, arms & hands, legs & feet, dynamics of face & human anatomy, and drapery.
    3. Introduction to mediums: Color theory and schemes, techniques using popular dry and wet mediums such as graphite, watercolor, acrylic and oil color, etc. The course will also cover creating artwork across various subjects of the art portfolio, including portrait, landscape, cityscape, floral, drawing from still life, abstract art, and mandala design, among others.
  2. Advanced topics:  The fundamentals of visual art should cover various standard topics, encompass additional mediums such as charcoal, acrylic color, soft pastel color, pencil color, fabric paint, glass colors, ink colors, metallic colors, etc. Some topics are linear and interdependent on each other.
  3. Visual art portfolio: Along with the course, the interested participants can also create a professional-level visual art portfolio.  On average, creating one professional artwork with medium complexities can take about 30 to 50 hours.
  4. Tailor-made course: You may customize this course as per your requirements, such as the objective of your course, topics and their depth to be covered, available budget, and time at your disposal. Ensure that the course is uniquely crafted to meet your individual goals and preferences.
  5. Exclusion: Advanced topics such as digital medium and advanced human anatomy are not a part of this course.
  6. Detailed Scope: For complete scope and course details click the following picture or download complete scope of professional visual art course at Shanky Studio. Regardless of the institution from which you choose to learn visual arts, it is absolutely essential and critical to learn the necessary visual art course topics including fundamentals of visual art. For students committed to pursuing the visual arts course with dedication, we are delighted to offer free comprehensive guidance on the course’s scope and the essential topics you must understand in depth.
Fundamnetals of Visual Art, from the book “Science of Visual Art” by Surinder Shanker Anand,

E. Duration

There are no fixed timelines for the full standard course, covering all the above topics. An average a participant can expect approximately 200 hours of one-to-one classroom time spread over 3 to 12 months, with ~800 houts of home assignments. Though the actual duration may vary depending on several factors, as discussed below –

  1. Curriculum design: The course timeline can be influenced by the curriculum’s structure and organization, including the number of topics, depth of content, and sequencing of lessons. Additionally, the timeline may be customized based on participants’ requirements, which will impact the overall duration of the course.
  2. Learning objectives: The specific goals and learning outcomes of the course can affect the timeline. If the objectives are ambitious and require an in-depth understanding of complex projects, more time may be needed to achieve them.
  3. Class format: The format of the class, whether it’s in-person, online, or a combination of both, can impact the timeline. Factors such as class duration, frequency of sessions, and availability of resources can affect the pace of learning and completion of assignments.
  4. Participants’ abilities and background: The prior knowledge and skills of the participants enrolled in the course can influence the timeline. If students have a strong foundation in the subject matter, they may progress more quickly.
  5. Timely accomplishment of home assignments: Timely and successful completion of home assignments will significantly reduce the duration of the course.
  6. External factors: External factors, such as holidays, breaks, or unforeseen circumstances, can affect the timeline. It’s important to account for potential disruptions and make appropriate adjustments to ensure the course can be completed within the intended timeframe.

After completing the above scope, the participant may continue with more advanced topics and engage in creating a stunning professional-level artist portfolio, learn human anatomy and digital design course.

F. Classroom Sessions In A Month

Four sessions per month, conducted on a one-to-one basis, each lasting approximately two+ hours, scheduled at a mutually agreed-upon day and time, following the completion of home assignments. One-to-one teaching means that each student receives individual attention from a teacher, with a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:1. This approach ensures there are no groups or batches in the classroom, allowing for personalized instruction. Below are the working hours of Shanky Studio –

  1. Indian students: We are open on weekdays, from Monday to Friday,  from 10 AM to 5 PM IST for Indian students.
  2. USA students: For USA students, the only available time slot is from 7 AM to 9 AM, IST, on all seven days of the week.

G. Home Assignments And Doubt Clearing Sessions

Completing home assignments in visual art is essential for the success of the course. It encourages self-practice and strengthens the concepts taught in each classroom session. These assignments, which are approximately four times the length of the classroom sessions and total around 800 hours, offer a platform for personalized feedback and improvement. This significantly enhances the overall learning experience of the participants.

Engaging in online doubt-clearing sessions further ensures participants receive guidance and support, addressing any challenges encountered during their home assignments through offline/online platforms like one-to-one offline sessions, WhatsApp, Skype, Google Meet or Zoom.

H. 7C Teaching Methodology

At Shanky Studio, we recognize the importance of methodology in visual art education, especially for participants with varying skill levels. Our courses are customized for each individual, delivered one-to-one, using our unique and effective 7C methodology, which integrates the 4MAT methodology framework with the SMARTER and Johari Windows frameworks The 7C methodology cycle includes –

  1. Classroom: Observe the demonstration and follow the instructions –
    1. Commence i.e. define the topic’s objectives.
    2. Concepts and fundamentals behind the topic.
    3. Create artwork using the concept.
  2. Home assignments: Practice and share –
    1. Create again i.e. practice the classroom topic using the methodology.
    2. Change i.e. try minor variations while creating again topic.
    3. Consult i.e. share the step-by-step schematic geometrical drawing, final drawing and rendered artwork and ask for feedback from the faculty.
    4. Correct i.e. improvise and fix the high lighted issues.


Shanky Studio Visual Art Teaching Learning Methodology

I. Commercials

  1. Monthly subscription: The stated price reflects the monthly subscription cost under a pay-as-you-go commercial model, where 100% of the amount is non-refundable and is payable in advance.
  2. Tax: An additional 18% GST applies to payments in INR, while payments in USD are exempt from GST.
  3. Price negotiation:
    1. Fixed Price: We adhere to a strict pricing policy, refraining from engaging in price negotiations or offering unscheduled selective discounts. Our fixed prices are transparently listed on our website, reflecting our commitment to delivering quality content and robust methodologies. Our one-to-one personalized services are designed to offer optimal value for your investment. Should you face budget constraints, we can guide you towards alternative artists who offer group art education sessions.
    2. Group Discount: If more than one participant in joining the same class, the cumulative fee will be reduced by 20%. However, more than 1 participant in a class may create a heterogeneous environment, and thus impact the quality of delivery and hit the time lines adversely.
  4. Art supplies: Participants are required to bring their own art supplies for art classes, and a laptop equipped with the necessary legal software for multimedia digital classes.

J. Value For Money

Though the initial investment may appear substantial, the unparalleled efficiency and reduced time to achieve mastery offer outstanding value, making it a prudent and economical choice for serious learners. Our extensive R&D efforts enable us to continuously improve our visual art courses, providing tailored, one-on-one learning that surpasses conventional batch teaching methods. This approach guarantees up to 80% quicker learning and a 99% success rate, delivering a more efficient and impactful educational journey.

K. About Faculty

Passionate about nurturing visual art, the faculty Surinder Shanker Anand, has innate artistic abilities and brings over 20+ years of teaching experience to the realm of visual art. With a stellar 4.5-star rating from 1350+ Google reviews, he is renowned for fostering creativity. Mr. Anand is also the esteemed author of “Science of Visual Art” and the creator of a unique 7C methodology, which delivers art education on a one-to-one basis, accelerating learning by 70-80%, reducing the learning curve, and boasting a 99% success rate!

L. Medium of Instructions

Subject will be taught in English or Hindi or Punjabi languages. Practice worksheets and written communication, if any, will be in English only.

M. Certificate

  1. Portfolio: Creating an artwork portfolio during the course is a key objective that can greatly benefit participants in their future endeavours. Employers often require a portfolio and a demonstration of skills.
  2. Certificate: Participants will receive a certificate of successful completion upon finishing the course and based on the quality of their accomplished portfolio. This certificate details the scope covered and recognizes their acquired skills and dedication, making it a valuable addition to their professional portfolio and aiding in their career advancement opportunities.
  3. Registration and accreditations: While we are not a registered or accredited organization with any government body, university, or institute, our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional visual art education stands firm.

N. Complimentary e-Book On Visual Art

We are introducing the complimentary guide, “Science of Visual Art,” your key to unlocking the fundamentals of the visual arts! Dive into the world of creativity and enhance your understanding. The index of this book will give you an idea about the depth of Fundamentals of Visual Art.

O. Useful Links For The Participants

For more in-depth information, please explore the information provided in the following link –

  1. Shop course & services:
  2. Understand the teaching methodology:
  3. Benefits of one-to-one teaching:
  4. Review the student’s portfolio:
  5. Virtual tour of shanky studio:
  6. Know the faculty’s profile:
  7. Client’s testimonials:
  8. Our rating on Google:
  9. Visit sitemap:
  10. Our address & location of Shanky Studio:
  11. Read the policy, disclaimers & terms:

P. Appointment Scheduling For Studio Visits

We kindly request that you call us prior to visiting our studio, as we are unable to accommodate walk-in clients. Please take a moment to review the information provided in the above links. Once you are familiar with our services, we would be delighted to schedule an appointment for you. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated. Call us +91 987 602 3960 to get an appointment.

Q. Version Details

This course webpage was last updated on Feburary 10, 2024. We reserve the legal right to modify the information presented here as necessary. For the most current information, including pricing and contract terms, please regularly check this page.


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