Professional Portrait Course


An in-depth and complete portrait course for professionals, hobbyist and youngsters, who want to learn drawing portrait from memory as well as reference pic, with hyper-realism.

This course is specifically tailored for an individual requirement, and delivered on one-to-one basis i.e. 1:1 student:teacher ratio, using a unique and proven 7C methodology, which accelerates the learning process to 70% to 80% faster, reduces the the learning curve, decreases the the time-lines and improves the retention, with over 99% success rate!


  1. Black & white and colored portraits using memory.
  2. Hyper-realistic portraits, using a reference pictures.
  3. Colored portrait using dry color medium.


Professionals, hobbyist and youngsters.


Check students’s portfolio, teaching methodology and FAQs at Art Education web page.


  1. Medium: Graphite, charcoal pencil and soft pastel or pencil colors.
  2. Sketch, drawing and shading fundamentals: Drawing and shading tools, techniques and methods, source of light, concept of light & shadow, cast shadow, form shading (mid tone, high lights & dark tone), direction of the gradation and skin texture.
  3. Drawing for memory (3 portraits)
    1. Eyes: Eyeball, construction method, eye socket, iris, pupil, upper lid, lower lid, walls of lower lids, lashes, brow, tear duct, reflection and shading.
    2. Nose: Construction method and shading.
    3. Lips: Construction method and shading.
    4. Ear: Construction method and shading.
    5. Hair: Volume, layering, texture and shine.
    6. Face profile: Skull, cranial and jaw.
    7. Front, side pose & 3/4 pose: Integration, composition, placement of eyes, nose, lips, ears, jaw and hairline in the framework of face.
    8. Gender: Male and female face anatomy.
    9. Color: Graphite and dry color medium.
  4. Drawing from reference picture (2 portraits) –
    1. Analysis: Grid, posterization, black & white conversion, using digital tools.
    2. Portrait from reference picture: Draw and shade portrait using grid as well as free hand drawing techniques.


Approximately 25 hours of classroom time, spread across 3+ months, which further depends upon the time-spent by the participant on the home assignments.


4 sessions per month, where each session is for 2+ hour, at a mutually agreed day and time. Depending upon the schedule, a participant may consume more sessions, in less number of days say 4 sessions in a week, or 4 sessions in a fortnight etc.

Home Assignments & Doubt Clearing Sessions

The home assignments and the related reference pictures will be shared after each classroom session. Home assignments and self-practice are critical for the success of the course and will tentatively consume triple the classroom time. Prior to next class, the participant will have regular interaction, along with quick doubt clearing sessions. The participant will submit the practice sheets, and the faculty will evaluate the submitted sheets, and suggest the area of improvement to the participant to act upon.


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